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  • Prices

    Prices in our school depend on number of lessons during one month. We never take money for a whole semester – you can quit whenever you want.

    Entry fee
    (only in the first year of study)
    60 PLN
    September 180 PLN
    October 180 PLN
    November 180 PLN
    December 180 PLN
    January 100  PLN or 180 PLN *
    February 100 PLN or 180 PLN *
    March 180 PLN
    April 180 PLN
    May 180 PLN
    june 180 PLN

    * the lower price is valid for the month with winter holidays

    ** the price includes the cost of the book

    Family 3+

    In our school all families having 3 or more children get 30% discount for English classes. Remember to show us your family card.

    Summer Camp

    Summer Camp prices are different every year and you can find them after contacting our office

  • Registration for classes

    number of seats limited

  • Szkoła językowa WELCOME TO ENGLISH Mysłowice